Travel guide

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By plane

There are a few options that one can take to get to Zielona Góra. The nearest international airports are in Poznań (130km), Wrocław (180km) and Berlin (150km) (see the map below).

Once you arrive at one of these destination a train or bus connection can be used to get to Zielona Góra. A queries for trains can be made using THIS web page. When traveling from Berlin, you can take Berlin-Warszawa (Warschau) euro city and get off at Świebodzin station. See here for more details.

For traveling international there is also an option to fly to Warsaw and take domestic flight from Warsaw to Zielona Góra airport.

However during winter season in case of a strong fog/mist condition a flight to Zielona Góra can be redirected and land either in Poznań or in Wrocław. When such a unfortunate redirection will take place the airline always organize a bus from Poznań/Wrocław to Zielona Góra. This can extend your trip by additional 3 hours. When bought in advance flight Warsaw<->Zielona Góra can cost 300 złotych (~75 EURO) both ways or 150 zł (~37 EURO) one way.

The domestic airport "Zielona Góra airport" is 4 km away from Babimost, a city close to Zielona Gora (40km), with daily flights to Warsaw operated by the Sprint Air. The flights Warsaw -> Zielona Góra departs everyday at 17:00, arriving at 18:10. The flights back Zielona Góra->Warsaw departs everyday at 07:30, arriving at 08:40 in Warsaw. If you buy in advance (like a few weeks) you can use the PROMO tariff that would be around ~ 38 Euros for a ticket in one direction. You can BOOK tickets for the SprintAir flights HERE.

By train

The Polish State Railways has train connections from Szczecin, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków, Wroclaw, Poznan, and many other cities. However, there is no direct train connection from Berlin, Germany. The railway station is located east of the city centre, it is just a 10-minute walk from the old town. You can also take the bus or taxi to reach every place in the city. The taxi meter starts at PLN 8.00 with increments of PLN 2.00.

By train from Berlin

One options is to travel to a city in the border with Poland. For this, from the cheapest to the most expensive, the options are:
  • Take the RegionalExpress to Frankfurt (Oder). It leaves from Berlin Ostbf. Price (April 2011): EUR 9.20
  • Take the Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn to Kostrzyn. It leaves from Berlin Lichtenberg. Price (April 2011): EUR 10.80
  • Take the EuroCity to Rzepin. It leaves from Berlin Ostbf. Price (April 2011): EUR 23.00
  • Take the EuroCity (Berlin-Warszawa Express) to Świebodzin. It leaves from Berlin Ostbf at 06:50, 09:50,13:50,15:50 and 17:50. Price (April 2011): EUR 23.00. Świebodzin is just ~45km north from Zielona Góra. You can take local train or bus. The best option however is to let us know, and we will try to arrange a car pick-up for You!

Then take a train to Zielona Gora. Always check the time table in advance. Train osobowy is the cheapest, REGIO is slightly more expensive.

By car

You can easily get to Zielona Gora by car from Wroclaw, Poznan and Szczecin. You can get there easily from Germany as well, via well-developed crossings at the border in Świecko, Gubin, Słubice, Gubinek, Łęknica, etc.

Zielona Góra has a good road infrastructure. Parking in the city centre can be a problem sometimes, since there are few parking places to satisfy the demand.

By bus

There are many domestic connections, sometimes faster and cheaper than the train.