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Due to high interest we plan to organize a scientific session on the next day (Tuesday 29th). Would You be interested in staying and participating in such session?
Yes, count me in for the Tuesday session and I can give a talk.
Yes, count me in for the Tuesday session, but I can't give a talk.
No, I will not be able to participate in the Tuesday session.

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Please give us your travel plans (i.e. when, how and where you plan to travel). In many cases we will be able to provide assistance and help. Please check our "How to get here" page.
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Accommodation. We can help with booking the accommodation for You. Our suggested place for stay is the "Śródmiejski" Hotel. It is located in the centre of Zielona Góra. We will organize a bus pick-up from this hotel on Monday 28th to get participant into the University campus.

The "Śródmiejski" Hotel offers a few options of rooms:
  • Single Room - 189 zł (~47.5 Euro) per night
  • Double Room - 260 zł (~65 Euro) per night
  • Suite Room - 300 zł (~75 Euro) per night
Price include breakfast, wi-fi and daily newspaper.

If you are okay with staying at the "Śródmiejski" Hotel, please choose the first option below. If You want to stay at different place, please choose the second option and provide us with more details.

Please book a room for me at "Śródmiejski" Hotel, for the indicated above dates.
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Are you planning to attend the gala dinner on Monday 28th of January at 19:00? (please thick the box)
If you have any special dietary requirements, please specify them here:

Please give us the number of your passport or other travel document You will be using. This is required for the accommodation booking.
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