Meeting organizers:

Janusz Gil (jag .at.

Giorgi Melikidze (gogi .at.

Wojtek Hellwing (pchela .at.

Secretariat and LOC Office:

Emilia Gil (emila .at. - secretary, registration, hotel reservations

Andrzej Szary (aszary .at. - conference web page, e-registration

Krzysztof Maciesiak (jezyk .at. - e-registration, local travel

Olaf Maron (olaf .at. - e-registration, local matters

Anna Skrzypczak (ania.skrzypczak .at. - local matters and technical help

Regarding all scientific and travel matters feel free to contact the members of the Science Organizing Committee. For all inquires about local issues (i.e. accommodation), please contact the Secretariat and LOC Office.