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Seminar:april 6-th, 11:15 am, room 34 (A-2). Speaker: Dr Rauhl Basu, Title: "Unravelling Off-pulse Emission in Pulsars".

wtorek, Kwiecień 5, 2016 - 17:00

april 6th 2016, 11:15, room 34 w (A-2)

Speaker: Dr Rauhl Basu

Title: "Unravelling Off-pulse Emission in Pulsars".

The traditional observations of radio emission from pulsars are insensitive to any emission originating in the baseline level far away from the pulsed component. We have developed the technique of 'offline-Gating' where using the high time resolution mode of a radio interferometer we were able to search for and discover low level emission in the off-pulse region of
pulsars. In this talk I will present our detections of off-pulse emission from pulsars. I will also discuss the implications of the off-pulse emission on the emission mechanism models particularly the relativistic plasma that are believed to be responsible for radio emission in pulsars.