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The gravitational wave signal from ensemble of rotating neutron stars.

poniedziałek, Styczeń 25, 2016 - 10:15

We wtorek 26.01.2016, godzina 11:15, budynek A-2, sala 34 seminarium pod tytułem "The gravitational wave signal from ensemble of rotating neutron stars." wygłosi :doktorant WFiA UZ Marcin Kucaba.

Neutron stars are objects know since about fifty years. There is very wide study due to electromagnetic spectrum observations. But there is know another possible way to examine them. The spinning neutron star could be a source of continuous gravitational waves(GWs), if its mass distribution is non-axisymmetric. We have performed calculations of the GWs produced by the ensemble of rotating neutron stars (NSs) in the Milky Way. In our calculations we use a model of population of NSs which takes into account the distribution of birth places, kicks, and evolution of them. We analyse the profile shape and the spectrum of such signal.

Po seminarium prof. Dorota Gondek-Rosińska wygłosi krótkie podsumowanie
dotyczące obecnego stanu detekcji fal grawitacyjnych.