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Light pollution study of Zielona Góra

Light pollution study of Zielona Góra. A quick recording of various street lamps was done in an effort to map the light pollution around the observatory .

Equipment used The equipment was very simple .A diffraction grating with 300 lines per millimeter mounted in front of an 135mm telelens . The camera used was a CANON EOS 10D DSLR . The ISO setting was set to 800.

SN 2011dh in M51

Monitored from Braniborg Tower Observatory (BTO), Zielona Gora, Poland and Skinakas Observatory (SKO), Crete, Greece
We monitor supernova SN 2011dh that exploded in M51 in late May 2011. We are using both a 14-inch Meade LX200 telescope equipped with an SBIG ST-8XE CCD camera from BTO and the 1.3 m telescope in Skinakas Observatory. In BTO, we use either a clear filter and calibrate the images to SDSS g-band (with an alignment of 0.02 mag rms) or the V Bessel filter (not in the table yet). In SK, we use B, V, R, I, and H alpha filters.

Millimagnitude Accuracy Photometry of Extra-solar Planets' Transits using Small Telescopes

Nowadays, the extra-solar planets' observations are possible for universities, or even amateur observatories equipped with a small telescope with a CCD detector. Up to date many extra-solar planets have been found (Henry et al. 1999, Udalski et al. 2002, 2003, Alonso et al. 2004), which movement in their orbits causes from time to time a small decrease of the central star's brightness. A planet's transit may be detected with millimagnitude accuracy thanks to an appropriate data analysis.